Train 2 Xcel was founded in 2015 in Ridgefield, CT by Ari, Loic and Mark, three best friends and some of the most sought after strength coaches in Connecticut. When we created Train 2 Xcel, we knew we wanted to be more than just an average "gym". We wanted to develop a gym where an expert coach is with you every step of the way. This meant we needed to create a system where each individual that comes through our doors receives a customized  training program based on THEIR goals and movement capabilities. Most of all, we wanted to develop a culture and community where everyone succeeds regardless of their level of fitness.


At Train 2 Xcel our motto is “Changing the Way Fitness is Done” and it’s something we take very seriously.  Unlike most gyms, our focus is on your results. Our approach looks to remove the roadblocks and find the solution to your fitness problems that have prevented you from achieving the results you want.
The key to this approach lies in science and support. 
We simply believe in proven science based training principles that have stood the test of time and deliver real results without using fads or gimmicks.  Your individualized program takes all the guess work out of coming to the gym, we’ve done all the work and figured it out for you.