you should always feel welcome and supported where you workout by the staff AND the members.

Complete customization :

You deserve your own individualized training and nutrition plan.

Long term achievement:

We offer solutions for long term health

Accountability :

We have flexible schedule, regular check-ins, expert coaches and the most caring community and keep you on track.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, have more energy, make lifelong health changes, get stronger, or just be more active, Train 2 Xcel has a personalized training plan just for you.



At Train 2 Xcel, you won’t see rows of cardio equipment like in most gyms. Our Metabolic Training sessions will help you burn calories and give you the cardio benefits you are looking for, without hours on a bike or treadmill.

In addition, we use the MyZone heart rate monitoring system to create a truly unique experience.

Using this system, the work-and-rest ratios during the session will be based on your own specific heart rate. These high energy classes are a great way to get a high-intensity, fun workout surrounded by other positive, upbeat T2X members.



A component of many personal training studios that creates a lot of frustration for folks is that
you are only able to workout when you’re with a trainer! We didn’t like the idea of limiting the
amount of time someone could spend working out on their own, so we incorporated an open
gym setting where you can come in and grab your workout program at any time!



We conduct most of our training sessions in a semi-private format. Semi-private, personal training is when one coach works with FOUR members at a time. All four members are doing their own individualized workouts, but the coach is overseeing the session and making sure everyone knows how to perform their exercises properly, and how to adjust the equipment the right ways. The coach is also there to help guide you with weight selection for current and future workouts so that progress can be made safely and consistently.



One of the most important aspects of achieving sustainable results from the gym is proper nutrition. With all the confusing and conflicting information available on how and what to eat, it can make the process very frustrating.

At Train 2 Xcel, we teach you how to cut through all the fads and gimmicks. You’ll learn only scientifically sound nutrition principles to help you fuel your body properly. And you’ll do this with one of the customized nutrition programs from Renaissance Periodization.

We’re affiliated with Renaissance
Periodization because they provide the most effective, customized, and scientifically sound nutrition plans available to people all over the world.

Whether it’s fat loss, muscle gain, or improved
sports performance, RP has you covered.


Our Individualized program is our most customizable option!

There could be many different reasons you might want a more individualized plan, but the most common are that you either have special circumstances (injuries, pain, physical limitations, pregnancy, etc.) or very specific goals that you’re working toward (obstacle course racing, power-lifting, running, etc.)

With our Individualized program, our program design team takes all of that into account and creates something geared specifically to you! You’ll work directly with a coach who will provide feedback on form and encourage consistency on your program!


Jump-start Your Health

Do you want to lose weight?

make lifelong health changes?

get stronger?

be more active?

feel comfortable at or in a gym?


are you tired of feeling tired?

are you Stressed?

do your Clothes fit the way you want?

could your sleep be better?

short temper? impatient?

are you ready to take back your health, and your life?


We have a personalized training plan just for you.

Ditch The Boring Gym Workouts & Crazy Diets.

Discover Fun Workouts That Get Results That Last.

Transform Your Body & Boost Your Confidence Without Giving Up The Things You Love.

Meet Our Inspiring Community Of Like-Minded People That Are Inviting And Supportive.